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Immerse yourself in the historic flair of wealthy living in 19th century ambience with your pick of 6 comfortable rooms. Each room has its own charm and its own set of unique accommodations to make your stay at Lafayette Loeb House not only awe-inspiring, but comfortable as well. From grand, regal décor to bright, warm bedrooms, there’s a space for everyone during their stay at this Italianate home in Lafayette, Indiana.

lodge in the lafayette loeb house master suite and immerse yourself in history

The Loeb Suite

Take in the regal décor of the Lafayette Loeb House master suite. Immerse yourself in history and take in the beauty of the French Country decorated bathroom fit for royalty.

reserve the harrison room at the lafayette loeb house for your next getaway

The Harrison Room

Rich tones of scarlet highlight this room which features elegant inlaid oak and poplar wood floor and a door to the adjoining McCutcheon Room. Reserve both rooms for a weekend family getaway!

enjoy the view from the wabasg room at the lafayette loeb house

The Wabash Room

Located on the north end of the house, the Wabash Room features exquisite antique armoires and presents a beautiful view of the Lafayette Loeb House grounds below. 

the mccutcheon room at the lafayette loeb house is perfect for that small family getaway

The McCutcheon Room

Natural light from beautiful full-length windows brightens The McCutcheon Room complete with 2 beds. Special features include a door to the adjoining Harrison Room. Reserve both rooms for a stay with the family!

rest easy in the tecumseh room at the lafayette loeb house

The Tecumseh Room

Explore Greater Lafayette by day and rest up for your next adventure in the Tecumseh Room, located on the north side of the Loeb House. Greet the day surrounded by midwestern history. 


The Tippecanoe Room

We're excited to announce our newest room which is coming soon! The Tippecanoe located on the first floor is accentuated by full-length windows, rich woodwork, and beautiful antiques. Check back soon to reserve!

Reserve your room

Your holiday retreat, romantic getaway, wedding reception, or family reunion is just a few clicks away! See the different rooms we have available and experience the grandeur of Loeb House today!

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