The Tecumseh Room

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A Relaxing Retreat

Relax in the stately air of this peaceful space situated on the northeast end of the house. There’s one north-facing window lighting up the writing desk and 2 large, antique armoires standing opposite the queen-sized bed. One vestigial curiosity still stands from this home's early days—there’s the fixture of an old gas lamp still hanging on the wall by the door. You can tell that this home was built with all the modern luxuries of its era.

Once you've had your day of seeing the museums or hiking the trails in one of the parks in the Greater Lafayette area, like Murdok or McAllister, The Tecumseh Room sits at the northeast part of the house as a nice place to get away on your holiday. You can have a relaxing soak in the claw foot tub resting in your private bathroom. The Tecumseh Room is your own peaceful retreat.

rest easy in the tecumseh room at the lafayette loeb house
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Queen-Sized Bed

After a long day of perusing the Purdue campus and taking in some fine dining, you’ll be ready to have a nice rest in a queen-sized bed with the decorative ceiling fan gently purring as it sets the stage for pleasant dreams.    


Immerse yourself in the claw foot tub for a quiet, private soaking. A little music ought to put the finishing touches on your own aquatic paradise.

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