The Loeb Suite

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Your Room Awaits

Feast your eyes on the regal décor offered by The Loeb Suite, which boasts of luxuries from the late 1880's intended specifically for the master of the house. This exquisite space features curated antiques, including a queen-sized bed and writing desk. The connected bathroom is decorated in a refreshing French Country theme. Expertly hand-painted floral designs accentuate the walls and entryways sending a sense of romance into the air.

Whether you just said "I do" or you're celebrating a long, happy life together, The Loeb Room is the perfect place for a romantic getaway that you'll cherish for years to come. Enjoy an evening walk along the Wabash River in McAllister Park followed by a candlelit dinner at one of Lafayette's many fine-dining restaurants. The ornate décor and beauty of this room ensure a night to be remembered.

Perfect for families or weekends with friends, this room shares a connected door with The Harrison Room, giving you the opportunity to rent both rooms at a discounted rate.

enjoy a royal night sleep in the lafayette loeb house suite
relax in this romanesque inspire bath at the lafayette loeb house inn
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Queen-Sized Bed

Enjoy a royal night sleep in an antique, framed, queen-sized bed surrounded by 2 bedside tables accentuated in romantic lamplit glow next to the exquisite mantle. You’ll be greeted in the morning by sunlight from 3 large, south-facing windows.

relax in this romanesque inspire bath at the lafayette loeb house inn


A true sight to be seen! This lavish bathroom features a jacuzzi tub fit for a king. The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by an archway adorned with a hand-painted motif. The bathtub's Romanesque pillars are decorated by an overhang of ivy and the backsplash boasts a beautiful country mural. A modern walk-in shower and private toilet bank the sides of the main tub.

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